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Stars And Stripes' Flag

Stars And Stripes' Flag

Loving America

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Keep America Great

The United States Flag, nicknammed "Stars and Stripes", wich is also the title of the United States National Anthem or Old Glory, is the national flag of The United States.

It consists of thirteen horizontaland white bands of equal width, altenately arranged, and an upper block (mast side) of blue color dotted with fifty small white five-pointed stars arranged in nine horizontal rows.

The 13 bands represent the 13 founding statesthat united to form the United States of America ; as initially there were only 13 stars.

The 50 stars collectively represent the Member States of the Union. So there are as many stars as there are federated states

This flag represent those who fought and gave their blood for the independence of the United States.

Every Americain must have a flag to remember that others died to gain freedom

And you. What would you do for freedom ? 

👍 Buy now your american flag and be a good patriot.

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