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Neoprene Vest "Easy-Slimming"

Easy Slimming

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How to find an ideal silhouette ? This is the solution

Woman Top "Easy-Slimming"

This woman top is a technical garment in neoprene fabric to sculpt your body, while doing your daily sport. It allows for greater sweating, and further promotes fat removal

To help you have a perfect silhouette

Stay master of your body


Find out how to get back into shape in a simple, quick and effortless way with the top "Easy-Slimming". It's your secret to get a refined and toned silhouette.

Technical  clothing

It is a unique technology, developed to increase the internal temperature of your body, and help it to sweat. It is composed of two layers; an intern who makes sweat in contact with your skin, and an external, equipped with fibers that absorb perspiration and keeps clothes dry.

How to use it

It can be used every day, regardless of the type of activity performed. It can be worn comfortably in all your daily activities or during your sport.


- Weight loss in a simple way

- Optimizes the slimming effect if used during physical activity

- Improves the overall well-being of your body and therefore your mind

- Fights water retention, improving drainage and thus promoting the Elimination of localized fats.

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